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Artist interview with Quentin Godet

Quentin Godet is one half of the amazing guitar duet from the Metal band Kadinja, We where lucky enough to grab him from his rather busy life right now to talk about all things Vola Guitars and what he has going on right now. Let us take a look. 

Quentin my dude thank you for your time, first question when did you start playing guitar and who influenced you growing up?

I started my musical journey by playing drums as a kid. One day, I picked up one of my father’s guitars and started making weird noises with it, and doing every possible song I could transcribe by ear on only one string (isn’t it the first thing you do when you pick up a guitar for the first time?)

By then I started creating some music with friends in high-school, being influenced by all the guitar hero vibe at the time, and multiple guys like Guthrie Govan, Eric Johnson, Rick Graham, Bireli Lagrene, Sylvain Luc, Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Pat Metheny…Slowly turning into modern/progressive metal and had the chance to make a band with my pal Pierre Danel, called Kadinja 8 years ago.

Amazing man, Do you have a favourite memory about playing guitar? a first tour ? the first time you unboxed your signature model ?

My very first tour was obviously an highlight for me, I just turned 17 when I had the chance to go on a 4 weeks full European tour opening for Pro-pain, with my band at the time. After that incredible experience I knew I wanted to do it forever ! My first Namm with Vola Guitars was maybe the most incredible experience yet. We met all the team there, first time in LA for me, playing for a guitar company in these conditions is for sure a insane thing, we were already talking about our first signature guitars with the US custom shop team, it was just unreal.

When the first Signature came, I couldn’t believe it. I mean, this is crazy, never thought I would ever be able to work with a brand like Vola on a full spec custom shop instrument to become a “signature model”. Even more crazy for me, seeing people all over the world playing our Japanese J1 guitars. Having a signature guitar is a thing, knowing that people actually buy these and enjoying the hell out of these, it’s bonkers..!

What features in your signature guitar would you like to highlight ?

For me the big thing about these guitars is the versatility for a 7 string instrument. I was always searching for a 7 string guitar that could be close to the guitar sound I like on my 6 strings “single coils loaded” guitars, HSS configuration is for me the most versatile thing, and it was almost impossible to find. So happy Vola trusted in me on developing unique instruments like that.

Any upcoming shows or events that you are looking forward to?

With one of my bands called “ten56.”, we will be doing an Eu tour in spring next year, and also be performing at “Storm the Arena” in Paris in December, for the band’s very first show. Some gigs and tours are on their way with Kadinja as well, can’t wait to be on stage again with these projects !

Thank you again Quentin

You can take a look at Quentin doing a demo of his beautiful guitar on the link below.