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The OZ and Vasti are our iconic and best selling models. These guitars have been extremely well received all around the world, So when it came to upgrade those already acclaimed guitars we mostly tried to go all out and exceed your expectations. What are the new features of those V3 guitars? Let's find out.

Vola Guitar introduces a new neck profile alongside the already popular Classic C shape. First the Modern C shape though still round is now thinner to meet the needs of lighting fast shredders as well as those with slightly smaller hands.....( you known who you are) Combined with a smooth satin finish the Modern C neck lets you play fast, accurate and comfortable.

And when you come to play those stellar lines further up the neck, your left hand can comfortably sit on the new contoured neck joint that gives you easier and better access to the higher notes.

Last but not least the OZ and Vasti as well as all our guitars come equipped with SD91MG-T-05M Gotoh Locking Tuners to ensure the best tuning stability possible.

Oh and did you notice? The OZ has adopted the reverse headstock for 2021. How cool is that?

As always Vola Guitar is dedicated to produce high end instruments that meet the needs of each guitar player.