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The Vola Ares guitar


Within our guitar range the majority can be used for pretty much any style of music, but there is one that is built for speed, crushing tones and Floyd Rose tomfoolery. The Vola Guitars Ares range of guitars the FR BM the FR FM and the FR QM, these three models are the exact same guitars in terms of specs but the main changes are the tops on the guitars. The BM has a Poplar Burl top and the FM has a beautiful Flame Maple top, and lastly the QM stands for Quilt Maple. Let’s take a look at all the features this high end shred machine has to offer.

The first thing that will undoubtably catch your eye is the unbelievable top that sits on these guitars, a solid poplar burl top finished in three loud colours, the first is a Tribal red burl satin a deep red that seeps into the burls grain, and the other finishes are tribal green burl satin & tribal Blue burl satin. The amazing thing about this burl is that the nots in the wood have not been filled so you have these caverns set across the guitars for the finish to settle into, the green finish looks like a star system draped in black holes or a never ending forest with chasms thrown across the land scape.

The other two models respectively also come in some rather fetching colours, the Ares FR FM comes finished in the same Tribal Red but instead of a satin finish its finished in a gloss to really show off the flame maple. The FR QM is ready for you to dive into, a beautiful Faded Sky Blue finish looks like a beautiful cloud structure or a beautiful body of water.

The top sits on a beautiful piece of satin finished natural looking Mahogany, if you are into your tones woods like us then it will give you a real nice mid range poke that allows your guitar to cut through the mix. Before we move onto the neck lets talk about everything on the body. 

The pickups are a little different from the rest of our range, the pickups on this model are the Seymour Duncan Pegasus and the sentient giving us a super modern sound. This is what Seymour Duncan have to say about those two Humbuckers –

The Pegasus – Progressive metal players rejoice! The Pegasus humbucker delivers the perfect blend of articulation and aggression with its Alnico V magnet and medium output wind.

The sentient – Whether run clean or through the filthiest of high gain channels, the Sentient neck offers the articulation demanded by modern metal players.

This guitar has a double locking trem system, with it being a Japanese made guitar we have all Japanese parts on this beast, The Gotoh 1996T Floyd Rose Tremolo is partnered with the Gotoh FGR3 Locking nut.

The guitar is a bolt on model the neck itself is Hard maple, an incredibly strong and resilient wood that has been used for guitar necks for centuries. The neck shape itself is the fast and modern

profile we call the Vola Modern C, so going from super fast shred passages to intricate riffs you will have no problem. The fret board is Ebony with a 12ich radius for maximum comfort and playability, and of course for this type of guitar we have 24 frets with a 25.5 inch scale length so if you are changing from any other Super Strat type guitar you will feel right at home.

So if you are looking for a super modern guitar with a ton of high end features then look no further than the Vola Guitars Ares FR!