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Vola guitar got to sit down with Premier Guitar to talk about the version 3 OZ and Vasti

This week our very own Kaspar Jalily got to sit down with Shawn Hammond from Premier Guitar to talk about all things Version 3 Oz and Vasti, It’s amazing how regardless of how things are going on in the world with traveling and restrictions, Kaspar can sit in France and Shawn in America and just chat about all things version 3 of the OZ and Vasti models.

The interview itself is great relaxed feel and informative with plenty of details. Starting with the Vasti, Kaspar talks through some of the key features of the guitar like the deep cut away at the neck joint for upper accessibility, also letting Shawn know that its a guitar that has the “ traditional meets Modern vibe “. The interview proceeds with full specs of the guitar and what has changed since the first iteration. And let us not forget some beautiful playing on Kaspar's part.

Without going into to too much depth on what is said in the interview, the guys move onto talking about the Oz. Same as the Vasti, Kaspar talks to Shawn about the changes that make the version 3 what it is. From the new MC neck profile and the new heel design, Kaspar gives a great scope of what the OZ can do.

After wrapping up on the interview, you should know everything you need to know about the brand new Vola Vasti and Vola Oz V3 MC models. If you want to know more about the guitars you can head over to our website.