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  • One Week Left to Enter! The 2021 Vola Solo Competition

    There's only 7 days left to submit your entry into Vola Guitars' 2021 Solo Competition!  Think you can handle it?  Register and download the backin...
  • VIDEO DEMO - OZ RV ROA by Gear Gods

    Check out this in-depth review of the new for 2021 Vola OZ RV ROA in Sandblasted White! Is this the strat of the future?  Find out by checking out ...
  • Check out the 2021 Vola Solo Competition ENTRIES!

    Vola is well underway with our 2021 Solo Competition and the entries are pouring in!!!  Curious to see what guitarists are submitting?  Go to YouTu...
  • Steve From Boston - Live Hang out with Vola Guitar Video

    Didn't catch the livestream of Vola's own Greg Lienhard hanging with YouTuber Steve From Boston??  Don't fret (no pun intended), you can catch the ...
  • Joss Allen Demo - The Greatest Shred Metal Guitar You Have Never Heard About

    Check out Joss Allen's YouTube video about the Vola Guitar Ares!  Be sure to subscribe to Joss' channel, he is a huge Vola fan and partner!
  • The Vola 2021 Solo Competition is LIVE!

    The Vola 2021 Vola Solo Competition is now LIVE!  Be sure to visit the main Vola website for how to enter and the rules -
  • Coming Soon...Vola 2021 Solo Competition!

    More details coming soon about the Vola 2021 Solo Competition!!  Get your axes shined up and ready for battle!
  • VIDEO DEMO - OZ RV ROA by Kaspar Jalily

    Kaspar Jalily recently demo'd the OZ RV ROA in the new color Sanded White.  Kaspar is an extremely talented guitar player and musician, making wave...
  • VIDEO DEMO - OZ RMN by CatPick Studios

    "From Mayer to Metal", CatPick Studios takes you through a video demo of the extremely popular OZ RMN
  • VIDEO DEMO - OZ7 by Flipside Music

    Check out this fantastic video Flipside Music put together to show off the new Vola OZ7 in Corvette Yellow!
  • Spotlight - The OZ RV ROA

    Roasted maple neck, Magnum Lock tuners, awesome finishes, our ultimate OZ model. Versatility, elegance, performance.
  • Spotlight - The Vasti

    At first glance, you notice the Vasti’s inspiration. But once you hold it, you begin to feel all of the differences from its’ mentor. Check out what makes it special - where classic style meets the modern era.