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Spotlight - The Vasti

vola vasti

In today’s trends, many guitar manufacturers are tepid when it comes to designing guitars with a classic 50’s, chunky C neck. But not here. The Vasti presents it proudly, to reminisce of days past. The C contour melds with your hand for the all-out grip and rip, play it like you feel it experience.

Another nod to vintage aesthetics are the Gotoh HAP closed back tuners and the Gotoh Ti-TC1 bridge, which add to the overall vintage feel of the Vasti, as well as some modern day updates. The bridge is equipped with titanium saddles that are reversible and can be used in any position. Increased sustain and some serious rich harmonic overtones are the result.

The Vasti body shape is one of the most talked about features. With its’ slick modern curves, it’s not just a beautiful design, but also functional. The shape of the body provides enhanced comfort when playing as well as balance while standing. Weighing in at only 6 lbs. your shoulders are going to love you after a night of gigging.

One of the coolest features is the built-in volume boost. Pull out the volume knob when it’s time for your solo, to give you that extra little boost to cut through the mix!

Made in Japan, the Vola Vasti is truly the next-gen T-style guitar. The high-quality workmanship can be seen and felt from end to end. Add one to your arsenal and get inspired.