Today we take a look at a guitar that is dripping in versatility, performance and last but not least elegance: the beautiful Vola OZ RMN. Once again a guitar within the range that is not pigeon holed to any specific style of music, but if you hold one of these in your hands it just screams classic vibes. You will want traverse the beautiful clean tones you can get from the single coils and then switch to the humbucker in the bridge for those sultry warm and thick tones….before I get lost in explaining what it sounds like to you let me walk you through the specs on this guitar.

Let’s start with the body, this guitar classic in visual sticks to the woods of old woods that have been used for this type of guitar for generations. The body wood is Alder and comes in a bunch of beautiful traditional finishes, the first two are classic finishes that everyone has seen before a Vintage White and the sunburst finish. With The addition for all you car fans of the Cobra Blue Metallic, the final finish within this range is the Frost Green Metallic.

Lets stick to the body specs before we move onto the neck, the guitars pickup configuration is HSS ( Humbucker , single ,single ) the pickups used in this model are Vola Guitars very own in house designed custom pickups. In the bridge position we have the Vola VHC Bridge pickups and in the neck and middle we have the Vola VS-1 single coil pickups. All controlled by a 5 way selector switch for maximum tonal diversity.

We have a bolt on neck with this model a one piece roasted maple bolt on neck, you have the option of two neck profiles on this guitar, if you want to stay within the realms of a classic feel then you can go for the Vola Classic c shape. But if you want all the classic looks but with a more modern feel then you can go for the Vola Modern C profile. Black dot inlays with 22 frets and a 25.5ich scale length. Once again like the rest of our range this guitar is hand built in Japan so with that in mind we have Japanese made hardware on this guitar, so with that in mind we have the Gotoh510-FE1 Trem system.

As we said before this guitar really does encompass Versatility, Performance and elegance, just take a look at the slew of players that enjoy this guitar and the sheer amount of different styles they play in. If you are looking for an all rounder that has a classic feel and look then look no further than the Vola Guitars Oz RMN.


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