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Neck Shapes

What Vola Guitars neck shape is the perfect one for you ? One of the most important things about choosing a new guitar is the shape of the neck, the way it fits in your hand can be a make or break situation when choosing a new guitar.

So at Vola Guitars we have designed two neck profiles to make sure that whether you are a more traditional neck shape fan, or would like a more modern approach, we have you covered.

Lets take a look at the first neck profile: the Vola Guitars Classic C profile, The Classic C neck takes inspiration from the vintage stylings of the classic 50’s and 60’s neck profiles without going overboard. This thicker neck profile offers the player that prefers a larger neck the comfort they seek and the tone and sustain a larger necks provides. The Classic C -known as the CC in our descriptions- offers a 22mm depth at the first fret, to a 23.5 at the 12th fret, with a smooth satin neck finish. The CC is available on most standard OZ and Vasti models as well as some Artist Signature models.

This neck profile is a comfortable classic shape something similar to the classic neck from days gone by. Here we have some artist testimonials about the Classic profile :

“I think overall the Classic C neck feels great. It is the chunkiest of all the necks I have on my guitars and it did take a bit of time to get used to it. Now my fingers remember how it feels and I don’t consciously think about it anymore. The finish and the high-quality fretwork make it super nice to play. I feel the roasted maple really contributes to the overall sound.” Vlad from Catpick Studios

“I’ve always been a fan of C-necks. I really love the Classic C neck on my Vasti, and the fact that it’s a little thicker makes all the difference in my tone.” Maycown Reichembach

“A little bit thicker, and in the ideal measure, the Classic C profile brings much comfort when playing. I believe that this thickness is one of the factors that brings more stability to the tuning of the guitar.” Simão Gandhy

The other profile we do for the people that want to achieve lightning fast licks and all the guitar tricks, enter the Vola Guitars Modern C profile.

We introduced the Modern C neck profile to the Vola family of guitars. The Vola Modern C Neck -or MC, for short- offers a modern profile that fits the hand just right, with a first fret depth of only 20mm at the 1st fret – 21mm at the 12th fret, and a smooth satin finish. The MC will feel right at home and sill provide the great sustain and amazing sound you’ve come to expect from a meticulously crafted Vola instrument. The MC is available on the OZ and Vasti models, as well as various Artist Signatures. Built for the modern player, this neck can do it all.

A fast neck that is still built to be easy to handle in any situation, once again we asked some of our artists what they think of the profile and here is what they had to say:

“I love the Vola Modern C neck profile. It is very suitable for playing fast! Although this neck is thinner than the Classic C, it is stable and allows me to move up and down the neck with speed.” Ershat Alim

“The Modern C neck is the best neck profile I have ever played! It’s a glorious maple neck with a satin finish so it never gets sticky on the back. Every spec on the neck feels so comfortable that it’s like they have been custom made for me!” Joss Allen

“Neither too thin or too thick, the Vola Modern C neck feels right at home in my hands. I instantly felt very comfortable on it, rhythm and chorus wise. Built for shred.” Martial Allart


So now you can choose your next Vola Guitar with confidence knowing that you have the ability to choose exactly how you want your guitar to feel. so, which one will you choose?